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We offer many services when it comes to walk in Shower Enclosures. What are the differences you ask. We will be glad to Explain.

What is a Framed Shower Enclosure? 

A Framed Shower Enclosure is the oldest style Shower enclosure.

The tempered glass is encased with aluminum metal. The Shower

enclosure has a metal header, Sill, and Jambs. Simple, classic, and

mechanically durable, our framed enclosures are engineered to last

a lifetime. From just a simple door to an expanded multi-angle

wrap-around enclosure, these are often one of the best and most

economical design choices a homeowner can make.

What is a Semi Frameless Shower Enclosure?

A semi Frameless Shower enclosure is a nice medium between

a fully framed walk in shower and a full frameless shower door.

This product can be designed with many different variations to

give your newly remodeled bathroom a classy yet practical look.

The key feature is the door: our doors open on a concealed hinge

that allows a stunning, seamless presentation of the glass.

What is a Frameless Shower Enclosure?

A Frameless Shower enclosure or seemless shower door is one of

the most popular in this day and age. The full frameless shower 

doors offer a appearance of nothing but clear glass. With no header,

bulky jambs or sill the glass sits directly on the tile with only the 

minimal amount of metal brackets holding the tempered glass in

place. Shower enclosures made with heavy glass are the pinnacle

of style and luxury and are often featured in the most elegant

bathrooms. Their depth, bold presence, and timeless simplicity often

give spa-like impressions on homeowners and guests.

What is a bypass Shower Enclosure?

Bypass enclosure are normally on a sliding glass door system. With

many different styles from a framed bypass shower enclosure to a

frameless hydroslide shower door, they are designed to add a nice

look to a tight space.  With almost unlimited options you can make

the showers fit any need you will need.


    Frameless Shower GLASS INSTALLaTION

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As a company, we strive on customer satisfaction. In hopes to achieve this we offer multiply glass, hardware, and mounting options with in our shop door shop to accommodate your newly remolded bathroom. Our technicians will help and walk you through all designing options to insure you are getting a one of a kind Shower that fits you and your life style.